We are all (people)

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Monday, November 8, 2010 2:30 PM

                              [ ]= additions
                              ( )= more additions
                             { }= additions on additions
                              >^.^< = cat

                  I took a pill [white, oval, repugnant]. It gave me side (both in and out) effects [mouth dry, eyes jitter, mind race] as well as front (both row and "The Old -ier) effects [focused, awake, non-dangerous to humans]. It had back (both alley and -wards) effects [teenage angst, time travel, wake up-wrong side...bed]. I assumed the doctor had a degree [Fahrenheit or PH] in order to prescribe me medication (and not other drugs) for my well-being to stay well. They told me in a word: Narcolepsy [in which sleep is an assassin in the back seat - piano wire]. This word was to give a name to a face, or illness. [Renaldo was not chosen].

                        Weeks: Three [since first pill]. I am now a seasoned veteran who fought alongside the WBC [they're white and bloody cells] 14th division. I was a diplomat. I was the general. I was the _____. I was chosen to negotiate the Esoph [-agus] treaty pact. There was no resolution [we still meet and debate]. He requires one pill. I require one pill. We both require on pill. Our common enemy is a narc [-olepsy] yet, this narc requires the same drugs (that he takes extreme dedication , two coffees, and a divorce to expunge from the same social network from which he obtained them) [D-R-U-G-S, We are the best! Go...Armodafinil! (Nuvigil {Wakey Wakey Medicine})] in order to feel [awake].
                         Amusement: Found
                         Narcolepsy: Handicap parking sticker? No.
                         Saw off my legs: Handicap parking sticker? Yes. Bicycle legs? No. Overall result: goodbye parking [for my bicycle] and Goodbye bicycle [for my parking]. Winning was never my strong suit [Armani]period

                         'till the day after [next],

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plonnie Says:

YOU= funny!
ME= miss you :(

thanks for being fun to miss though... always keep me laughing!

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