"Dear Grammar, will you help suffix my car?"

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Wednesday, August 10, 2011 12:42 PM

This is a post. But, not the wooden variety. Nor the kind that brings you bills or Bills if you're rich enough to pay for the ever-increasing post-age rates. And was there a time when the post office was called the pre-office? Or maybe just the office? When did somebody decide it was okay to name a cereal company "Post". What does this stand for? Post expiration date? Post-modern expressionism? Anything that starts with post makes me feel as though it is too late to do the subsequent verb. Post-haste: Crap! I always miss Haste!" And if someone can be post-mordem, do I get to refer to my physical state as mordem? Is there something after post, like post-post. A p.p.s. on life? Let us analyse prefixes until they become postfixes. That's also a funny conundrum, post is a prefix. Heh. Words.


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