As the World Screams.

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Saturday, October 16, 2010 9:12 PM

             The small insignificant creature popped his head above the slightly-harder-than-earth, earth. The skin of the planets surface still smoking after four days. Black rock held like a blanket over the wasteland that used to be a metropolis. The small creature continued to look around, wondering what happened. The creature blinked. He had just gone to sleep a few months ago with the preconceived notion that he was going to wake up and maybe go steal a hot dog or something. Now the only hot dog he could see was literal and that spoiled his appetite. The small insignificant creature blinked again. He then returned to his hole.

              The earth was not so calm as the creature. He said, "AHHHHHH!!!! MY SKIN!!!!" The earth kept spinning in frustrated pain. He could not wrap his mind around the fact that there was no planetary emergency room. Not that he'd be able to fit into a room. It was the principle of the thing. Be it documented that the earth in that moment became very blue. He also wondered where his brain was located, and why no one had bothered to teach him anatomy, or in his case geography. He had no idea what happened. One moment he was fine, sending a slight breeze over the tropics, changing tides, and growing mountains. The next moment there was a large flash and pain that was not planning to remove itself for some time. No one bothered to tell the earth about residual heat either. It was another thing he could add to his list of things that annoyed him. He began to reflect on his life. He knew it would take a very long time to reflect on everything, since he had reached a form of self-actualization at this point. Well, as self-actualized as a planet could feel.

           I am, as the narrator, obligated to apologize for this story. It appears to be the preface of a post-apocalyptic adventure of survival and re-growth.  However, no one from this explosion had survived, except for one small insignificant creature, and the earth.

The small insignificant creature continued to blink, and the earth continued to spin.
                                      The End.


2 Response to "As the World Screams."

Merrills Says:

If only the earth could return to its hole too. Poor Earth.

Kyle Danger Jacobson Says:

The only hole that the earth could go into, would be a black one. And I heard from a friend, who heard it from his friend, who heard it from a late night talk show host, who heard it from a voice inside his head, that black holes are quite unpleasant.

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