The wind blew, up my head.

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Wednesday, September 1, 2010 6:59 PM

Sleeping isn't so easy when Andy "The Basher" Robinson and Thomas "Icicle" Simpson are screaming death threats at one another through Skype in your room. I'm not even sure why they were in my room. They each have their own rooms, the living room, and the entire kitchen/dining room area to scream at one another. It made me feel a thousand times worse when they started tearing my clothes to shreds for dramatic effect.
                "I hope your arteries become corroded and your dead dog comes back to life to eat your remains!" The Basher shouted in a reserved, for him, fashion.
                "Well I'm going to rip up this newly tailored suit just to emphasize my utter dislike for your showering habits!" Politely shouted Icicle.

              It wasn't even the fact that they were strewn across the floor shouting obscenities that really irked my irk bone, it was when they started up the karaoke machine that I swear was not there just a second ago. The fact that they chose the nature sounds album was the final straw. Listening to Icicle mimic a rainstorm for an hour and a half really brought a damper to my REM sleep.
             "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" I screamed. Too bad I was still in my REM sleep and neither of them heard me.
             "Whoooooooooosh-sh-sh-sh." Sang The Basher.

            I woke up. Found out it was just a dream and went and told Andy and Tom of the weirdest dream I had last night. That was a horrible idea since they have the combined IQ of freshly poured cement. They thanked me for the idea and are now at Best Buy shopping for a karaoke machine with a rebate-able nature sounds CD.


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Kevin Says:

Kyle, you seriously keep me laughing all throughout your stories. Awesome.

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