Music videos without music is the same as Flan without the letter "F"

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Monday, July 19, 2010 7:55 PM

People can go days listening to an iPod. Days. I also have heard through the grapevine that one child has listened to his iPod for such an extended period of time that it has grown into part of his nervous system, giving an entirely new meaning to the phrase, "felling the music." Music, it can be a power for good, a power for evil, even, dare I say, a power to be reckoned with. It can lead to wars and peace, and then back to wars, followed by a brief coffee break, and then back to wars again. If the pattern of this increase in musical influence continues, we may find ourselves living in a world in which our very lives are manipulated by a large rustic volume dial in the hands of various infamous and outfamous criminal masterminds. The only exception to this well known fact that everyone has a soothing experience while be pumped full of sound bites would be, in the highest regards, myself. I find it difficult, while listening to a casual beat or a rambunctious rift, to not imagine a digitally realistic music video in which I cause delightful damage to my surroundings. This causes for immediate speculation for innocent bystanders and respectfully, many medical students failing the MCAT. I do not vainly consent to this being entirely my fault, it is just one of my better features. However, I am working on becoming more "responsible". You should, for my self-preservational purposes only, know that my definition of responsible does not follow the common definition of the word, but deals with a more uncommon sub-definition of the word that states: Responsible: The unique characteristic of fooling others into believing that you honestly did not mean to make quite so many mistakes but were aiming for a standard deviation of 'less than a mediocre amount; when in reality you did mean to make those mistakes and are now running to one of the approved foreign countries in which they cannot track you or their entire stock return fund that is now sitting obsequiously in your zipper-belt." My version of such a sub-commonly mistaken word is much more applicable and looks much better on a legal resume and coinciding T-shirt.

            Deep down, I only want to be able to make such music videos and am haunted by such a brilliant combination of theatrical effects and dramedy that will not be actualized with my personal financial recession.

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