Cloud watching and reminiscing

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Wednesday, May 19, 2010 1:19 PM

What a day to cloud watch. We should all take a little bit of time today to just watch the clouds and think. Meditation. I have a strange fascination with clouds, not the creepy obsessive compulsive type, just a fascination. Many people have told me time and time again the science behind clouds. They will always remain a quiet mystery to me. The way they float in between worlds. And when the sun is laying down to sleep, they reflect the light of the sun to give us the grand finale for a long day. As I was sitting, pondering in my "smelling-the-roses" moment, I saw a bird. Flying as if weightless, painting the sky with its fluid dives. Removing limitations. Tactfully, the bird fluttered to a stop atop of a large office building, scanning. That bird was rightfully named Giovanni. This bird means business. One small, but fierce tweet and out came the stool pigeons, Max and Toodles. Fighting as always to be on the right side of "daddy G" ,as he was known. G never elected a right winged man, there were a few litigations. Then G took off using his wings like a pro, accompanied by M and T. They had the brilliant idea to cross the interstate without looking. They knew this day was coming, ever since G and Max were hatched, and Toodles grew out of the ground. They say those that do it are real mavericks. Who doesn't want to be a maverick right? 
                                         *                  *                 *
       The wreckage crew finally scooped up the last remains into the prepared bag filled with tomatoes and the best seasoning on this earth, "the best seasoning on this earth". After the aftermath and before the after-aftermath Jim turned to Zack, the trainee, and yelled to get over the sound of the speeding cars, "five blocked lanes of traffic, three broken collarbones and poor mrs. pepper, the black tabby that you always see roaming the streets, and eight popped tires all because of three stupid pigeons! I've missed 'Law and Order' three times this week, fried squash." 'Fried squash' is the name they gave Zach the trainee when he first arrived. Nobody knows why. As Jim sat there trying to lick the small piece of who knows what from his elbow, he didn't know, nor would he ever know that these pigeons were actually quite intelligent. They got mixed in with the wrong crowd. Also, their parents gave them thuggish names.               And that, my beautiful readers, is how you get completely off topic and lose yourself in your own mind.  
         My dream is to become good at what I love. I dream to one day become a husband and father. Not an ordinary husband or even an ordinary father. I want to be extraordinary (so twice as ordinary). I want to become a somebody, unique. I want to pave the path in front of me, with my wished up fantasies and my ever present failures. I want to find who I really am, preferably without living in a cave for several years. That is my dream. Inside of that dream, however, are thousands of mini-dreams that come from our daily wishing. I know you have wished upon a star. The glimmer of hope is still inside, even if the world says that star is just a star. You wish anyway. Maybe one day.

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ChelseaMarie Says:

I know its been awhile since we've talked or had any form of communication whatsoever....cough cough...But I really think that your blog is great. Its fun and interesting, and quite unique. I don't think you need any help in improving it. Applause.

David Porcaro Says:

Kyle, I think you would agree that I'm a three-times as ordinary husband and father. :) (That line made me bust up're so witty.)

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