To be or not to be....that's not a very good question.

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Friday, June 4, 2010 8:12 PM

There are two major things that I would like to discuss. Things that can and will change the course of our futures from a southeast to southwest direction. First, but not last, your dependence on smiley face emoticons. If you use these more than a frequency of exactly 1.2 smiles/msg, your entire future will by less smiley in real
 life. Second, but not first, choices. Life is like a blender from the future. There is one blender but so many stinking options to choose from.* Everyone hold on to something that is tightly fastened to the ground or the nearest 3,000lb scapegoat, I am going to say something sentimental. When I was a young lad, a little older than Gary Coleman ever became, I started to change who I was according to the current circumstance. For example: Sitting quietly in a room full of kids that obviously will not have a future exempt from jail time. The natural borne jason sitting at my left. I think of a joke. Not a five star, three thumbs way up, kind of joke. Just the casual, make everyone giggle until their noses flip inside-out, kind. Fear slowly creeps in like the guilt kept inside for hanging all of your sister's dolls up by their necks with small pieces of string. So I tell the joke, but the slightest most insignificant amount of self-consciousness shows itself. Like a mis-stroke would look on the Mona Lisa. Completely unnoticeable, but turns something valuable into a worthless piece of worthlessness with a filling of worthlessnesstershire sauce. The other day I officially (in a non-official way) found out that it all comes down to my choices. If I choose to not care about what others think, I can easily be my self. I learned the priceless three-dollar tip for being yourself. Two words, and one added for emphasis, "who FREAKING cares." A week ago I had an irrational nervousosity of saying anything around adults, especially jokes. I would ill-wittily say them anyway. -Refer to mona lisa statement-.  Fwooooooshkaq4boooooooooooom!!!!! However, NOW I can talk to them and I feel like myself. I learned after way too long that if you want to do something you can. Well, that's not 1000% true. Referring to the fact that no matter how much I want to, I will never be taller than 67 feet... Aside from that if you love to do something and you have some natural talent but are too afraid to do anything or don't know where to start, just look at the end.
   Wanting to be the first charitable evil-scientist with white hair.
               Ask yourself: "What do I need to be that guy."
            Game Plan:
                1. Go ask for a free tour of a laboratory: take many photos so you can pattern your own lab.
                2. Networking: Call up other evil-scientists, be confident but NEVER give them your real name.
                3. Think up an awesome new evil-scientist name like Francis or Dr. Deathmagnet, use while
If you want to be someone professional, talk with professionals. There is a 42.6% chance that they are cooler than they stereotypically should be. They will love to help you aspire, well at least 42.6%.
      That now brings us to finding myself, MEFACT#2: I can choose to be myself. Now, just have to find out who that is so I can be it.

*Like the inflatable tie fastener, the aquarium cycle, the dead-celebrity-head compartment, and even the button that is just there and doesn't actually do anything button.
in memory of Gary Coleman and Eddie Murphy

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