It's actually an hourplastic, we're on a tight budget.

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Monday, June 21, 2010 10:17 AM

Time. Since ancient times it has been something measured. It has been something planned. It's something that can be wasted, as well as used wisely. It can be shared and it can be stolen. It can be used and it can be broken. In God's world, time is man's creation. In man's world it is order in a chaotic state of being. Some talk about maximizing our time. In order to do that, we must have a clear objective. That objective can vary from person to person. One's objective may involve becoming the best possible person they can be. In order to achieve such a grandiose dream, one must remove the unnecessary tasks. Some of these tasks may involve using both a spoon and a fork for the same meal, using a hatchet, and/or feeding fish with fish food. The
corresponding time-saving solutions for such common problems are A. buy a re-chargeable spork    B. use a chainsaw or a beaver, pay him in bank notes   and C. chocolate syrup. Saving these simple seconds can get you several sentences farther in your reading of "slowly and very self-diminishingly changing yourself for the better, for dummies." You are well on your way of becoming the next "good guy". In my case, I aim at finding out who I am. I figure if I cut down from watching four movies/day to only three and watching the TV-show 23 instead of 24, I can gain some ground. Let's take this week to ask, "does this attract me or detract me from becoming an amateur angle grinderer?"

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