It's hard to hear ever since you bit off my ear, dear.

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Tuesday, June 29, 2010 5:44 PM

Turns out there is such a thing called the future. It exists. Years of scientific research have brought us to a breaking point just aching to be historically historic. No matter what we do, time keeps moving. If there was a button to stop time in just one moment, which would you choose? Be careful not to hit the button too late however, or you may find yourself stuck going to the bathroom for the rest of eternity or in some extreme cases dancing with wolves. Reflecting upon such an inquisitive inquiry I stumble across something inside me that I didn't know existed, a pause. Blank, white, clear, empty, stopped, blocked, trapped, unfound. I haven't yet lived the day that I want to pause for eternity. I have a feeling that that day involves a ring, bells, lots of people, a spitting bucket and Mike Tyson. Just imagining a Vegas fight against Mike shoots down other possibilities of an eternal moment. Bring it on.

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