Will the real June 4th please stand up? Oh wait you can't, you're a date.

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Friday, June 4, 2010 8:57 PM

Searching for something didn't used to be so hard. Then my brain fell out. Also, technology can only get you so far. You remember that commercial about duracell batteries where they come out and say that all of the medical equipment that this unidentified medical center uses duracell. Would you like to know the real reason why they stopped playing that commercial. I don't know what it is. However, I am extremely good at guessing, so good I can even guess what I am going to eat in the morning before I even eat it. I can guess what you're thinking right at this very instant. "I'm going to think of something that he won't be able to guess." OWNED! So this is what really started happening with the termination of the duracell commercials. Click here now. Was it there? If not, click here or here. You can also click here, just kidding. Wait, Over there. Here, hahahaha. Click here. The reason that I bring this up is the fact that GPSs were made to make people get lost.
                      MEFACT #3: I get lost easier than lady Gaga in fashion                                      trends.

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