XX - XY = 0, XY-XX = XY. I don't like these odds.

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Monday, June 28, 2010 6:14 PM

Love is a matter-of-fact thing. It's either there or it's not, as a matter of fact. There are two parts to any relationship (in the man vs. woman kind). The first and most important factor in the initial seventeen days of the U.S.S. anti-platonic relationship would be the attraction to physical appearances. Which is based off the coast right in between This-might-actually-work-for-once Shore, and I-might-as-well-drown-myself-in-a-crowded-arcade-now, I'm-about-to-completely-embarrass-myself Coast Now, usually my beaches are plagued with my lack of confidence and trying so hard to be myself that I am somebody else, somebody similar to Mike Tyson in a comatose state. This time, that was my plague. For blogging all over the web purposes, I have given the girl that doesn't like me for me a nick name, the Leucistic Red-winged Blackbird Piref. Why you may ask? Well, she is gorgeous, a real gem. The sand in my hourglass, the cup in my cake, the serial in my killer. She is drop-living luminescent. That is, as I have said, just the half of it. The other half has to do with a joke created between high-school students taking them quickly up the popularity ladder straight into a 9' by 6' barred prison cell. "Hey, I heard you and Christine have chemistry together, hehehahahahaflemhahablechhahaha. Period A3, Bwahhahakhkdlkjkkkkdjafjhahah." Prison. To illustrate my point, lets try and make a chemical equation out of this possible, not probable, relationship. We are going to put that Blackbird is the sodium and the chlorine. I will be the water. Now, sodium and chlorine are both great together, while water is watching from the far distance. Preferably the length of at least 6,593 campbell's 
chicken noodle soup cans away. Horizontally. When water tries to go and talk to the progressively attractive chemical compound, THIS happens. As you can clearly see with at least one of your good eyes that this situation, in any of its forms cannot be used for the good of mankind (in the preservation of life sense). 

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