A jobs a job, unless it's a boj.

Posted by Kyle Jacobson , Monday, June 14, 2010 2:48 PM

After days and days of job searching, the three invisible moons of  our moon have aligned in the shape of Al Capone. I got a temporary position! Sweet ships of flags! Working twelve hour graveyard shifts on an assembly line for $8 an hour. This job has it's perks. For example, they have a shrink-wrap machine. Do you know the extent of possibilities that contains. Imagine shrink-wrapping your M&M's individually, preserving the ever-delicious chocolate and impressively thin candy coating. If that doesn't light your bubble pipe, think about this one: but first, do you want to be a crime-fighting superhero? Alright. Just insert yourself into shrink-wrapmachine, quickly poke
nose and mouth holes for respiration. Third, pick out an awesome nickname. Like saranwrap man, or nearly see through boy. The possibilities are pretty open ended.

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